Design and Engineering

J.V. Manufacturing Co.'s engineering forte is designing high speed, high production carbide progressive stamping dies. We have experience in designing and building stamping dies to produce a wide variety of parts, such as: lead frames, locomotive traction motor laminations, coin blanks, nuclear reactor grid straps, battery end caps, florescent light bulb end caps, automotive transmission parts, electrical connector parts, and many more. Our engineering staff can start from a customer part print drawing and design a stamping die to fit the customer's stamping equipment. If a part print is not available, J.V. can reverse engineer one from customer supplied prototypes. We can also assist the customer in the selection of stamping equipment and peripherals to achieve an integrated stamping solution.

J.V. Manufacturing Co.'s engineering staff consists of engineers,designers, and detailers with many years experience in tool and die design. Utilizing AutoCAD 2006 Mechanical, SurfCAM Velocity II, SolidWorks, and other computer software packages, J.V. Manufacturing Co. provides a seamless CAD/CAM integration between engineering and the shop floor. This provides J.V. Manufacturing with the ability to tackle the most difficult jobs with speed and efficiency.

All design and detailing work is performed on new generation CAD hardware and software. AutoCAD 2006 Mechanical, SurfCAM Velocity II, SolidWorks, and other proprietary custom software written in house provide J.V. with the capability to both accept and provide CAD information in a variety of formats.

Moreover, J.V. Manufacturing utilizes the latest computer simulation technology to predict the formability of sheet metal before tooling takes place, allowing us to maximize the integrity and efficiency of our product.

Whenever the job is completed and delivered to the customer, J.V. Manufacturing supplies full drawings and documentation on reproducible media, or electronic media such as: CDROM, DVDR, Zip disk, or 1.4mb diskettes. In addition, we have a secure FTP site available for your convenience along with full e-mail and Internet capabilities.

Give J.V. Manufacturing Company a call, and let us explain how high speed progressive part stamping can improve your manufacturing operation.